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Some of the most widespread car accident injuries

The injuries you suffered in Connecticut at the hands of a negligent driver may have affected your whole body. Every day in this country, some 7,000 people are injured in car crashes, and the injuries can be severe. Below are some of the most widespread injuries that can arise from these incidents.

Injuries to the head and neck

In a crash, the head can hit against the windshield, window, steering wheel or roof, among other things. All of this opens the way for a traumatic brain injury. Minor TBIs are called concussions and may be treated with pain medications, but some TBIs lead to a condition called subdural hematoma where blood pools underneath the skull. A person would need surgery for this.

Neck injuries are common, too, especially whiplash. This is where the neck, by being snapped back and forth, strains or tears its muscles and ligaments, sometimes resulting in shooting pains. If the neck vertebrae become dislocated, surgery would be necessary.

Injuries to the face and extremities

The face is also likely to suffer some damage. The skin may be cut or bruised, and bones and teeth may be broken. In addition, occupants run a high risk for breaking their lower extremities if they don’t wear their seat belt. Their legs can hit against the steering wheel or dash.

On the other hand, seat belt-related injuries are widespread as well. The lap belt, if worn incorrectly, can cause internal bleeding. The shoulder belt can crack the collarbone and ribs.

Psychological injuries also possible

Not all injuries are physical in nature. Many crash victims wind up suffering from depression or develop a phobia for driving. Others may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Legal representation for the injured

You can pursue a personal injury case as long as you’re not more than 50% at fault for the crash. You may want an attorney to evaluate your case and then help you build it up. An attorney may be especially helpful when the time comes for negotiating a settlement.