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Fighting For Injured Workers Throughout Connecticut

An accident in the workplace does not mean that injured workers will automatically receive full workers’ comp benefits. There are many factors that play a part into the types of benefits – or any at all – that you receive.

Here at The Law Offices of McHugh & Associates, LLC, our Middletown, Connecticut, attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience helping individuals, including workers who have been hurt on the job, recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and more.

How You Can Recover

The type of workers’ compensation benefits you receive will ultimately depend on your specific situation.

If you cannot work after your accident, and your doctor verifies this, you may qualify for temporary total disability benefits. Or, if you can work with only a few restrictions, you may qualify for temporary partial disability benefits. If you become disabled after your injury, you might be eligible for either permanent total or partial disability benefits.

Pursuing Additional Compensation

Generally speaking. Connecticut workers’ compensation benefits are typically the only remedy for employees who are injured on the job; employees cannot pursue damages from their employer in a court of law.

However, in certain circumstances, injured workers may be able to pursue a claim against a third party. If, for instance, you sustained your injury as a result of hazardous machinery or defective equipment, you may be able to pursue a claim against the seller or manufacturer of that product – in addition to recovering your rightful workers’ comp benefits.

Let Us Help You Recover The Benefits You Deserve For Your Injury

If you are injured on the job in Connecticut, you are entitled to benefits. Let us review your case and determine how much compensation to can recover. Send us an email  to schedule your initial consultation at our Middletown office or call 860.346.6774.

You may be entitled to obtain workers’ compensation benefits if you became ill while exposed to hazardous chemicals or materials on the job. Contact our team to find out.