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Why do you need legal help after a car accident?

In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, the most important thing to do is get medical attention regardless of how much it might cost. A personal injury lawyer can help you recover your losses and guide you when you decide to pursue a claim. Even though the accident seems minor, you can consult with an attorney for the following reasons.

Dealing with insurance companies

Insurance companies have plenty of experience dealing with motor vehicular accidents. The insurance company can also use other tactics to give you the lowest settlement offer possible. They may send adjusters to assess the case and retrieve evidence that will allow them to deny fault or refuse to accept responsibility. It is one of the reasons you should go to the hospital immediately after the car accident, as they may blame the cause of your injuries on something else.

Understanding Connecticut’s modified comparative fault laws

Determining fault is critical in any personal injury case, and it can be tricky when each party involved has some degree of responsibility. Connecticut operates under a modified comparative fault rule, meaning each party may be at fault for causing the accident. Still, they can recover compensation even when they are partially at fault. For example, the jury finds one driver is 40% at fault while the other is 60% at fault for the accident. The driver found to be less at fault will receive the percentage of the total judgment the other driver is responsible for, which in this example is 60%. If the driver suffered $100,000 in damages, they could recover $60,000.

In a modified comparative fault state, a driver who is more at fault (51% or more) cannot recover compensation from the other driver. Remember, insurance companies may use the modified comparative fault laws to manipulate and bargain with you by transferring most of the blame to you. A skilled attorney can negotiate on your behalf.

Protecting your rights to fair compensation

If someone wrongfully injured you, you deserve to get the compensation necessary to make a full recovery, including the income you lost and the pain you suffered. Your attorney will study the facts of the accident and gather evidence to help you build your case. They know how much compensation you deserve and protect your right to recover it.