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What are the reasons for school bus accidents?

Children should always be a parent’s number one priority. Most mothers and fathers care deeply about their kids being safe. Naturally, learning of their little ones being in a bus accident comes as a terrible shock.

Determining the reason for such a terrible situation is the first step toward preventing another mishap.

Driver carelessness

If a bus driver fails to adhere to traffic laws or operates the vehicle under the influence of substances, that person bears significant responsibility for any resulting wrecks. Maintaining laser focus, driving defensively and passing drug tests should be mandatory.

Inadequate maintenance

Another aspect worth considering is the condition of the bus. The school district or company managing the fleet might have a contractual duty to perform regular checks. Rides that do not receive adequate tune-ups could have faulty brakes, worn-out tires or malfunctioning lights that might lead to tragedies.

Other drivers on the road

While society’s focus often falls on the school bus and its operator, it is worth remembering that many types of commuters exist. Other parties are sometimes the ones who cause an accident. Perhaps surprisingly, around 70% of fatal school bus incidents involve students getting hit by other vehicles. If another driver’s negligence or reckless behavior leads to a collision with a school bus, that person could be liable for the consequences.

When a school bus crash occurs, figuring out the cause becomes imperative. A lawsuit might be necessary to instigate change and prevent a similar incident from happening in the future.