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8 signs you could have a brain injury after a car crash

Car accidents can result in various injuries, including those affecting the brain. It is important to be aware of the signs indicating a potential brain injury after a collision.

Prompt medical attention is vital for proper diagnosis and treatment.


A persistent headache is one of the most prevalent symptoms of a brain injury after a car crash. Even if the headache seems mild at first, do not dismiss it. It could indicate a more serious underlying issue.


Feeling confused or disoriented after a car accident may signify a concussion or other brain injury. You might have trouble concentrating, remembering details or understanding what is happening around you.

Nausea or vomiting

Another sign of a brain injury is feeling nauseous or vomiting following a car crash. These symptoms can show increased pressure on the brain or damage to specific areas controlling bodily functions.

Dizziness or balance problems

Experiencing dizziness or having balance difficulties may suggest a concussion or other type of brain injury. You may feel unsteady on your feet or have trouble walking without assistance.

Sensitivity to light or noise

Sensitivity to light or noise, known as photophobia and phonophobia, respectively, can occur after a brain injury. You may find bright lights or loud sounds particularly bothersome, worsening any headaches or discomfort.

Mood changes

Brain injuries can also affect mood and behavior. You may feel irritable, anxious or unusually emotional after a car crash. These mood changes may occur suddenly and without apparent cause.

Fatigue or sleep disturbances

Feeling excessively tired or experiencing disruptions in your sleep patterns, such as difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, can be signs of a brain injury. These symptoms may persist even with adequate rest.

Blurred vision

Blurred or double vision can indicate damage to the visual pathways in the brain, often resulting from a traumatic injury. Seek medical attention if you experience any changes in your vision after an accident.

Ignoring potential signs of a brain injury can lead to complications or delayed recovery. Always prioritize your health and well-being after an accident.